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Rich Brown, 5'11 Point Guard

Hello my name is Rich Brown and I have recently been offered to play for 2 clubs in America in the ABA however I am currently looking to start my professional career in Europe preferably Spain next se

Interview with William Modeste ( Shooting/Point Guard – Available)

William can come off screens and have a great game from mid-range out to the 3-point line. Also he is an excellent defender and a leader on the floor.


Interview with Aaron Maye (Shooting Guard – Durham School of the Arts/Class of 2010)

Aaron Maye , born 1992 , is one of the most promising shooting guards of his generation. Soon he became one of the most important players for every team.


Interview with Zoran Akanovic (Coach – Basketball Club Zemun)

Zoran has a six –year experience as a basketball coach at the KK Club Zenum , wich has a long tradition and quality. Besides the Club is awarded with several titles taken for younger categories. Zoran is a very persistent person with nice manners and he likes team work and discipline. He is a communicative person , easily adapts to working conditions and obligations.
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