Interview with Aaron Maye (Shooting Guard – Durham School of the Arts/Class of 2010)

Aaron Maye , born 1992 , is one of the most promising shooting guards of his generation. Soon he became one of the most important players for every team.



- When has the particular season started?
In October

- What do you expect from you and your team this year?
Expectation is to make it to state playoffs

- What do you think is your greatest qualities as a player?
My Shooting

- And where do you need improvement?


- What has been the best game in your career until now?
In AAU i Had 26 Points Against Team Final at the Hoop Jamfest in Virginia At the Boo Williams Sportsplex

- Your dream…?
Is to become the best basketball player i can be and take my talents as far as it can go and in college i will study accounting and finance or business as a back up


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