Interview with Sharnesha Smith (Point/Shooting Guard-Cabo Rojo/Puerto Rico-Available)



 Sharnesha Smith is a very promising player and she is ready for her next step overseas.
1.What do you do this period of the season?
-I recently played basketball in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico for the Cabo Rojo Turistas. I have been working out and training with my personal trainer while I haven't been playing. I hope to get an opportunity to play overseas this year.
2.What do you expect from you and from a team overseas?
-From me, you will always get leadership, aggressiveness, an all around player both offensively and defensively, I will make myself and my team-mates better, I will always challenge myself to get better, willing to learn, and always working hard. I expect the same things out of my a team and my team-mates. I would love to come into a family oriented environment, being that I will be far from home. I want to be in a positive environment where we can always improve and be able to develop a great relationship with my team-mates and coaches.
3.What do you think is your greatest qualities as a player?
-leadership, patience, ability to make the people around me better, being a great communicator, accountability, accept positive and negative criticism, able to play both ends of the court, hardworking, I never give up whether I'm losing or winning, and est. 
4.And where do you need improvement?
-I need to improve every aspect of my game. I'm always working on my game; whether its ball handling, shooting, free throws, and est. Just being able to shoot consistently from the arc is one of my most important things to improve.
5.What has been the best game in your career until now?
-The best game in my career had to be when I played Bethune Cookmen College in 2008, which was my cross town rival in college. That game wasn't about the 24 points I scored, it was the many assists and steals I conquered. It was a complete game. I felt like that game was won because of our team effort and I knew I made everyone around me better. That is what it’s all about.
6.Your dream...?
-My dream has always been to become a professional basketball player. Not because of the money but because it is really something I want to do. Basketball is my life and in my heart I know this is what I really want. I couldn't see myself doing anything else but playing basketball. I want to make a career out of my dream, I have a lot to accomplish and all I need is the opportunity to do just that and I know everything else will take care of itself. I want to win a championship of some sort. Something that comes from a team effort, because I've always won individual awards but I never won anything big. That would be exciting for me. Just given the opportunity will fulfil my basketball dream.

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