Interview with Zoran Akanovic (Coach – Basketball Club Zemun)

Zoran has a six –year experience as a basketball coach at the KK Club Zenum , wich has a long tradition and quality. Besides the Club is awarded with several titles taken for younger categories. Zoran is a very persistent person with nice manners and he likes team work and discipline. He is a communicative person , easily adapts to working conditions and obligations.
- What are you doing in this season?
Season started pretty good. After five games we are ranked third with overall of three wins and two loses. It is very hard to keep up continuity of good games because those are still young guys We are practicing very hard, and we will be preparing during the winter for the second part of the season. We hope for even better results during the season after the New Year’s holidays.

- What would you say are your best strengths as a coach?

I wouldn’t like to talk too much about my advantages. The only things we are looking in the team is hard work and good sportsmanship. We are all together in this, we all work together, sweat together and we all fight together, and what is more important we breathe like one. That is the only way we can succeed. Another of my advantages are raising the team morale and making a good spirit in the team.

 - What has been the best moments of your coaching career?

I have more than six years of experience as a basketball coach at the basketball club Zemun, which has a long tradition and quality. In 2005 as an assistant head coach I managed to move up in the league with the first team. 2006 with a hard work and phenomenal effort we reached the shiniest medal on the Serbian championship for junior teams. In 2008 we had another good result, and this time the second place on the Serbian championship for junior teams was satisfied. In 2009 with the same and younger team we took another first place, and became champions that year.

- Do you like to coach better young athletes (U16-U18) or pro-level athletes?

On the basketball academy “Borislav Stankovic” which I graduated from, I had the choice to choose what major I wanted to graduate from. Considering that my coaching career has started in the first team, I decided to choose major to be a coach of first team. Last few years I’ve been working with the younger pioneers (under age of 12), pioneers (U14), Cadets (U16), and juniors (U18), and I can tell you it has been a great experience working with younger groups of players. Of course every younger coach’s dream is to prove himself in a first team.
- Your dream…?

One day if I get the chance, I would like with my hard work, my knowledge and my effort, to work with and learn from the greatest coaches like Zeljko Obradovic, Duda Ivkovic, Dusko Vujosevic, Igor Kokoskov, and many others, and with that experience that I learned from them, I would like to leave behind me those teachings that I gained from those coaches, and to contribute to make the game of basketball better like those legendary coaches did and many others. Also I think that the heart of every coach is always with and to be with the national team.


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