Point guard
Shooting guard
Year Of Birth: 
61 Kgr
United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Current Team: 
Since I started playing for Team Northumbria EBL division 1 and 2 national league side I started training with Newcastle Eagles men BBL professional team. I have also received one to one and group training from Fab Flournoy Newcastle Eagles player coach during the season and pre season. I go to any training sessions that are available in my spare time to help improve my game mostly with Tyne Met Trojans national league men’s division 3 team.
I am dedicated to working out as I feel it helps keep me fitter stronger and faster than my team mates and other players in the league which I believe helps give me an edge over others. Plus being fit and healthy is something I feel very strongly about so I love to work out in the gym all the time this is essential to my personality also. I feel training with men helps improve my game as it makes my reactions quicker and also makes me have to play much more physical and harder in turn helping me perform better when I play with women. 
I have improved the physical part of my game by working hard in the gym and practicing on my shooting form and handling outside of practice but I really want more game experience and a new coaching style to help me learn the game of basketball more thoroughly.
  • TACTICAL: Intense defense good at penetrating off the dribble and good vision and passing on offense.
  • MENTAL: I am an aggressive hard working player and will not ever quit no matter what and will work hard at all times for my team mates.
  • PHYSICAL: My main strength is my athletic ability and speed which I utilize in playing hard intense defense, this is what I love as I always want to lock down my man and stop them scoring, I enjoy defense more than offense.
  • TECHNICAL: I am good at coming off screens for pull up jump shots or driving to the basket.
  • IMPROVEMENTS:I believe that I need to improve every aspect of my game as I always want to improve. I'm always working on my game whether its ball handling, shooting, free throws and so on. I would like be able to shoot consistently from the arc this is one of my most important things I want to improve in my game.
Team Northumbria EBL division 1 and 2 women’s national league.
2000-2005 was 5year’s high school league unbeaten.  Won national high school championship for 5years in a row.
2005 received young achievers award for dedication towards sports during my time at Biddick high school.
2006 local and national league for Tyne and Wear basketball. National league runners up.
2007 started playing for team Northumbria EBL division 1 and 2 national team and have done for 3years.
2007 pre season friendly against American college team touring.
2008 summer played game for north east national team against an American college side.
2008 played for Gateshead College in British colleges mix team came 3rd.
2009 played in midnight madness Newcastle and was in top 5 who won the golden ticket to play in tournament in London representing the women’s midnight madness side.
2009 also played in friendly game for Durham against U18’s Scotland international side.
2009 summer played in men’s friendly pre season tournament for Tyne Met national league division 3 side.
D2(starting five)- 14.6pts (8th in league) , 12rebs (2nd in league) , 7assists (1st in league) , 64% 2p. (1st in league)
D1(starting five)- 12.1pts (10th in league) , 8.5rebs (4th in league) , 5.5assists (2nd in league) , 52% 2p. (4th in league)




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