Point guard
Shooting guard
Small forward
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67 Kgr
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Shauntelle is typically a point guard, however she also plays the 2 and 3 position. She is a very versatile player who can create for herself and team-mates.
So it’s safe to say she is a team player. She has a very good jump shot, as well as fast, dish-off penetration. For her height an outstanding rebounder, grabbing the ball before surrounding players even think to grab it, fast coast to coast ( baseline to baseline) dribbling has been known to break through just about any press defense. A 79% free throw shooter, steals-quick, anticipator. She plays off of and for fast breaks, just due to her quickness, and ability to create on and off the ball. Her talent is beyond the typical female basketball player. Considering her determination to be a female dunker, she is 9.5 ft/inches off the run from the basket and 8.5 ft/inches off the vertical, in the fixed vertical stance. Her strength was definitely playing basketball with men, in ways can be compared to some of the best male basketball players or just with no comparison, she is one of the best to ever play the game. She is a record breaking, exceeding, determined and disciplined player, with the will to do anything for her love of basketball.
Fast, pressure defense, offensive threat, great defensive and offensive anticipator
Disciplined player, natural leader, versatile player (effective at the 1 through 3 position), crunch time player, can create on and off the dribble, great peripheral of the court
Outstanding aggressive rebounder, long armed for steals and blocks, muscular build able to take multiple body shots, well balanced, vertical leap of 9.5 off the run 8.5 out of the vertical stance ( under the basket) Technical: Very good jump shooter, great penetration to the basket, wide shot vision of the court to create plays and assists, great coast to coast (baseline to baseline) executer- can get out of just about any press defense
Since 8 years old she has been playing with teenage boys and adult men. Helped introduce the first women’s basketball team in junior high school where she was captain. In high school she played varsity basketball since her freshman year-made playoffs every year and was a player to be recruited by 6 different college institutions. In college started more games than the average freshman, out played many veterans in the conference, is currently the college leader in 4 out of 5 categories (points, steals, blocks, rebounds, in assists ranked # 2) in the schools history (1992-present). Soon after college she went on to play for 2 semi-pro teams (Atlanta Battlecats-went to the 2nd round of the playoffs, NJ PPY-lead the team through all 3 playoff rounds, went to the championship round) and nationally (Guyana, South America- led team to championship), she is now the American Ambassador for women’s basketball in Guyana, South America. While still striving to achieve her goal to dunk, play overseas, and go to the WNBA.
- 2005-2006 · 1st place Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial Basketball Tournament · Sports person (sportsmanship) of the year (season) Award
- 2006-2007 * 1st place Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial basketball Tournament * Dub Epic tournament MVP * Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial basketball tournament ‘All tournament team’ award * Gordon College Women tip-off tournament ‘All tournament team’ award * Medgar Evers College ‘Cougar of the week’ award/recognition * ECAC ‘Player of the week’ (First to score a triple double for the conference)
- 2007-2008 * Medgar Evers College Womens basketball, season M.V.P * S.EllE Planning Championship winners * ECAC ‘Player of the week’ * Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial basketball tournament ‘All tournament team’ award * Ramapo College Road runner invitational ‘All tournament team’ award * CUNY All-star (2nd team)
- 2008-2009 · Medgar Evers College Womens basketball season, M.V.P · CUNY All-star (2nd team) · Medgar Evers College Women’s basketball All-time leading scorer (1340 pts) · Medgar Evers College Women’s basketball All-time leader in rebounds (905 rbs) · Medgar Evers College Women’s basketball All-time leader in steals (295 stls) · Medgar Evers College Women’s basketball All-time leader blocks (109 blks) · Medgar Evers College Women’s basketball 2nd All-time leader in assists (187 assts.) (Lead 4 out 5 categories in the history (1992-present) of the basketball program)
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